Thursday, November 19, 2009

new template hihi

hiiiiiiiiii fellas :)) how are you? I'm pretty good :)

I was changed my template hihi what do you think? to simple? or what? but I think it's ok haha.

Mrs. Titah was choose me to take science competition wuuuuuuuu I'm so happy, because she chose me to represents 252jhs. not only me, Mrs. Titah also choose my friends too. hihih I'm so happy :) but I'm confused, I take this competition or I deny this competition? urgh, but my mom and Nia was telling me that I must try it ! just try it, altough I lose on the competition, it's not a problem, but I'm sure I'd be proud of myself because I get a pleasant experience and I get certificate of science competition wuhuuuuuuuu wish me luck guys ! and good luck for all of my friends whose follow this competition ! hihih. and thanks to Nia and mom for your support !