Friday, October 23, 2009


helloo readers :)
I miss this blog soo much . long time not write on this blog haha
hhmm now , I wanna try use english on this blog . so forgive me if my english is bad hehe :)

yeah , I'm so confused about "what's the best english course for me?"
well, my sist in the process of searching english course . and I want to join it , but Kinanti said to me that you don't have to searching for your english course . you just must practice english everyday . it's all have a process .
hmm I'm thinking about Kinanti's idea . maybe she's right , I'll must try to practice english everyday hihih .

hey , remember this day? it's october 24th , people noisy talk about earthquake issues in Jakarta . 8,1 sr woow . I don't believe about that issues . maybe it's just actions of someone who want to find sensation . I hope Jakarta far from earthqueake , amen . oiya , I'm sorry for Sukabumi that was earthquake hit . I hope no more earthquakes in Indonesia , and
for those people affected by earthquake , in berries fortitude , amen

I was changed my template hihih , what do you think? it's to simple? or what? haha

cheers :)
Tengku Rainna