Saturday, October 24, 2009

simple things that make me happy :)

hey readers , come back to me . how are you doing? hhmm I'm so bad right now :( maybe I just keep it for my self why I'm feeling so bad right now .
hhmm maybe I can tell you the simple things that can make me happy again hihih :D

1. Photosession

I'd really love to taking a picture of my self hehe . feeling better if I'm smiling in front of the camera hihi

2. chocolate

honestly , I really loveeee chocolate , yes chocolate can make everyone smile with that bitter & sweet taste

3. listening music

listening music is the right thing I must to do if I feel sad . music can help to calm your emotional hihih

soooo , that's the simple things can make me happy , I'm just wanna share with you hehe .

lots of smile,
Tengku Rainna